Nazafarin Lotfi received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011 and her BA from the University of Tehran in 2007. Lotfi's practice explores interior and negative spaces and their implications for subjectivity, experience, and identity. She examines representation of space in connection with time, weight, balance, collapse, and the dialectics of inside and outside. 

Selected solo exhibitions include: Negative Capability at Regards, Chicago; Poiesis at Fernwey Gallery, Chicago; White Light at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago; Love at Last Sight at Brand New Gallery, Milan; Circles at Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago. Selected group exhibitions include: This here, at Regards Gallery, Chicago, IL; Sedentary Fragmentation at Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL; Group Portrait, Unisex Salon, Brooklyn, NY; The Particular Poetics of Things at Goldfinch Gallery, Chicago, IL; Welcome to the End, Franklin Space, Chicago, IL; Resonant Objects at Logan Center Exhibitions and Arts Incubator. In 2015-16, Lotfi was an artist in residence at the Department of Arts and Public Life at the University of Chicago.

Represented by Regards, Chicago, IL.

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